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Syarikat Perniagaan Hong Fatt is a Malaysia Water Tank Manufacturer which located at Sungai Buloh New Village, Selangor. Syarikat Perniagaan Hong Fatt was established since 1981 with a decade of experience in manufacturing steel tanks, water tanks, pressed steel sectional water tanks, Hot Galvanised Sectional Water Tank of international standard and worldwide acclaimed quality.

Without doubt Hong Fatt water tanks is export and import friendly as it is light weight, stainless steel, high quality and non hazardous. Hong Fatt water tanks manufacturer provides a wide ranges of pressed steel sectional water tank products that are suitable for the use in all industries, residential & commercial area.

Our excellence water storage tank system helps customer to build up an excellence reputation in the industry.Our pressed steel sectional water tank are engineered to provide you 100% satisfaction. Hong Fatt water tanks are the one and only water tanks that are user friendly, reliable and definitely cost effective.

  Our Product
Hot-Dipped Galvanised tank
Mild Steel Water Tank
Stainless Steel Water Tank
Composite Stainless steel Water Tank
The tank cover of Hot-Dipped Galvanised tank is constructed from 1.4mm to 3.0mm of thickness hot-dipped galvanised material. The Top panel is supported by panel with hot-dipped galvanised material.
The internal surface of Mild Steel Water Tank will be coated with a layer of black bituminous paint and externally with red oxide.Sealing material with Non-toxic P.V.C foam tape used in between the joints.
The Stainless Steel Water Tank consist of 4' x 4' or 1 meter x 1 meter panel manufactured from 2.5mm to 4.0mm thickness. It internally braced with angle stays to endure the rigidity of the tank.
This pioneered composite stainless steel lined sectional panel tank is a system-engineering combination of tank panels. The tank panels are physically made of stainless steel material.
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